About (old)

HeadshotAfter three years of teaching high school English in Northeast Philadelphia, I transitioned to a new position: middle school reading teacher in the Salisbury Township School District. It’s been enriching and fulfilling beyond my highest expectations and I’m super excited to continue learning and growing as a teacher. This year, I’m working on creating a reading workshop-based reading class, as well as developing a school-within-a-school academy model for next year centered around student choice and helping students become enthusiastic, curious learners in and out of class. Throughout my teaching career, I’ve had the chance to coach basketball, lead yoga classes, build my own curriculum, design a school yearbook, create a school literary magazine and online school newspaper, and most importantly, work with some amazing teachers and students.  I love teaching because it’s a profession that demands constant growth and gives me the opportunity to impact the lives of others. This blog is my attempt to share what I learn with others and write it down so I don’t forget everything I’ve learned along the way.

My Journey Into Teaching: 

I’m not a teacher because middle and high school were the best times of my life. Sure, I have amazing memories of my times in both and met some of my lifetime friends, but there were definitely downs that accompanied those ups. I’m a teacher, in part, because I want to help students navigate those intense ups and downs and use those experiences to learn about themselves, which I believe is one of the most important factors in later success. I first realized teaching was for me as a basketball coach in high school (coaching slightly younger middle schoolers). During my undergraduate studies at Ursinus College, I pursued my passion for the humanities, dual-majoring in English and American Studies.  After, I enrolled in Villanova University’s Master’s program for education.

Outside of School:

When I’m not doing something school related, I like to listen to music (everything), binge-watch Netflix and Hulu, read (a book a week is my lofty goal), write, work out, cook, and spend time with friends and family.


Twitter: @joshecker