This website exists as a creative outlet and record of thoughts I considered worth saving. Most of my posts are either directly or indirectly about learning and teaching, but you might find the occasional odd post about something completely different that’s been on my mind. I hope, in maintaining this blog, to contribute some ideas of value to someone (maybe even multiple someones).

About Me: I’m currently a teacher at Salisbury Middle School in Allentown, PA, where I contribute to our district-wide effort to make learning more student-centered and aligned with 21st century life. With that as my paradigm, I’m always thinking about what school can and should look like for modern learners. When I don’t have education on the brain, I love spending time with my wife, friends, and family, and pursuing other creative outlets, like cooking. One of my goals is to one day write and publish a book.

Let’s connect! The best ways are through Twitter and email.