Classroom Management in a Learner-Centered Classroom

Classroom management is a tricky subject. It's even trickier when attempting to give learners more voice and choice in a learner-centered classroom. How can a teacher control the classroom without taking autonomy and freedom away from learners? This is a question I've kept coming back to this school year. After listening to Jennifer Gonzalez's Cult of Pedagogy Podcast …

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A Classroom Full of Teachers: Leveraging Student Expertise

As part of reading workshop, I focus on conferring one on one with students, listening to their ideas and sharing teaching points as well as next steps they can take to improve their reading skills. One conference, in particular, taught me a lesson in empowering students to become teachers and push their own learning to …

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Catching Up

Hello all! It's been over FOUR MONTHS since my last post. A big part of why is because of how busy my summer was. A lot of exciting things have been happening, both personally and professionally. Personally, my summer consisted of getting a new car (out of necessity, unfortunately), moving, and, most importantly, getting engaged! …

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I'm always comparing school and sports, and the school year is a very long, sometimes grueling season. There are things I think of doing during the school year that I know won't get done until the summer, when the offseason starts and I have a chance to rest, recuperate, and focus on getting better for next year. …

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Quote of the Week #6

"Kind words unlock an iron gate." -Turkish Proverb (This is a series of posts sharing the quote I write on my whiteboard each week. As an English teacher, I feel responsible to point out that, technically, "quote" is a verb, but colloquially, it's generally accepted as shorthand for "quotation.")