Catching Up

Hello all! It’s been over FOUR MONTHS since my last post. A big part of why is because of how busy my summer was. A lot of exciting things have been happening, both personally and professionally. Personally, my summer consisted of getting a new car (out of necessity, unfortunately), moving, and, most importantly, getting engaged! Professionally, I’ve moved on from my 10th Grade English position to a 7th Grade Reading position at Salisbury Middle School in Allentown. It’s been absolutely awesome so far, and this transition is giving me the opportunities and room to keep growing as an educator, as well as affording me the chance to work with a different age group.

I’m focusing a lot of my resources this year on implementing a meaningful reading workshop two or three days a week, continuing to expand my understanding and implementation of PBL opportunities for students, and working with others in the district to create a “school within a school” model that will push the boundaries of what a school can be, with the goal of creating exciting, innovative, and meaningful experiences for students and teachers. In my last post, about my summer goals, I laid out three things I want to accomplish: revamping my classroom library, getting my Google Educator Level 2 certification, and creating some sort of database of teaching strategies. All of these are in progress, and I’ll continue to update. It’s going to be an exciting year, and I look forward to sharing the highlights!

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