Other Interests

I believe it’s important to carve out time for a variety of passions, both for students who are growing up and beginning to ask the vital question: “Who am I?” and for adults who too often lose themselves in careers and concerns about the future, without taking time to appreciate the present. Outside of school, when I’m not planning or reflecting on lessons, I enjoy exercising, relaxing, and spending time with friends and family.  I’m truly a lifelong learner who takes great joy in discovering new hobbies and interests.

The shortlist (always growing):

– Reading

-Writing: Mostly poetry and short fiction

– Learning

– Exercise: Yoga, Running, Insanity, Strength-Training Calisthenics, etc.

– Nutrition & Healthy Living

– Music: Listening/Discovering, DJing, Producing, Playing Guitar, etc.

– Movies

– Cooking (recovering Food Network addict)

– Netflix marathons



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